Chef's Story

Chef Lenny's journey in the food business began at a young age in a kitchen in Medford, NJ.  He was always fascinated by food and watched his parents, grandparents and great grandparents create family style meals at home.  Because of his passion in food, Chef Lenny's energy and dream helped him launch an international spice and spice product business.

 How Chef Lenny's Cajun Seasoning came about....

 Saturday, April 17th, 1993  

 I was in my restaurant kitchen preparing dinner on a very busy night and I received a request from a server that a customer wanted a grilled cajun chicken entree.  Well, my spice rack was limited so I ran out to a nearby grocery store and bought a bunch of spices, ran back, made a blend and prepared a Cajun Breast of Chicken with Sauteed spinach and roasted peppers.

 I then went out to greet my customers and was pleasantly interrupted by the gentleman who asked for the Cajun dish.  He informed me that this was the best cajun blend that he ever had.

 After the dinner rush was over, I then started to think "BIG". How can I get this blend out to others... Well, I started making the blend and giving it out as samples to my customers.  Which then led to manufacturing, packing and selling out of my Restaurant. Success in the local neighborhood led to “BIGGER” thinking so the blend is now available nationwide.

 I must have done something right with that original blend because it has stimulated thousands of palates over the years and has withstood the passage of time.

 Today, Chef Lenny's Cajun Seasoning is a product that people are looking for.  The flavor of this unique blend has made this the new Spice Sensation!

 Don’t wait to experience a Mardi Gras of delights on your tongue. Try some today!