"Just the right amount of spice. Not too salty or spicy, just the right level of flavor, subtle and  evenly distributed. Excellent on a Hoki Roll"

"A good cajun seasoning. I can taste different spices rolling over the tongue, one after the other"


"Love it on sushi, taste good on everything"

"My name is Elfkin or Rene'. After the holidays, I met you at Angry Moon with my friend Elfnick. After talking to you, I went to Carmine's and bought 2 containers of your spice mix. One to use and one to give to my Father. We are originally from New Orleans and love the heat. I used it in my 100 year old family recipe for squash casserole. It was the best casserole I ever made. My family asked me what i did different. I told them Chef Lenny!!! Thank you so much for talking to me about your product. I also told Darren and Gia at Mondo's that I loved the product. They do too!!!" 

"It's Jim here from the fishing trip last week. I used your spice on a basic chicken dish that normally I use another seasoning for, and yours blew it out of the park. I will continue to try it on various things and give you some additional feedback" - Jim Derbes

"We put your spice in the olive oil and dipped the bread in that. That gave it a real loud personality. Good luck with the future sales of bread as well as the spice. Cheers." - Drew